I will be taking this mirror down at the end of the year. There have been no updates to the ROM in quite some time and with the lack of clicks on the google ads, it isn't helping to pay my hosting fees.

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SkyNote Mirror files
SkyNote R9Z 4.3 Edition: Full (md5)  Update (md5) Update 2 (md5)
SkyNote R9Z 4.3 Note 3 Edition: Full (md5Update (md5) Update2 (md5)

Seanz's Newer ROM (XDA Forum Link)
SkyNote Air Vanilla:
Sky_Note Air Vanilla F1.zip (md5)
SkyNoteAir Vanilla Update F1.zip (md5)
SkyNoteAir Vanilla Update F1.2.zip
SkyNoteAir Vanilla Update F2.zip
SkyNoteAir Vanilla Update F3.2.zip
SkyNoteAir Vanilla Update F3.5.zip
SkyNoteAir Vanilla Update F3.6.zip

SkyNote Air Note3 Features Edition:
SkyNote Air Note 3 Gear Edition (md5)
Standard Data Icons (1.2)
Att Icons (1.2)
1.3 Update Std Data Icons
1.3 Update ATT Icons
1.4 Update Std Data Icons
1.4 Update ATT Icons
2 Update Std Data Icons
2 Update ATT Icons
3 Update Std Data Icons
3 Update ATT Icons
NEW! Sky Note Air G2 (md5)
Sky Note Air G2.2 Std Icons
Sky Note Air G2.2 AT&T Icons
Sky Note Air G2.4 Std Icons
Sky Note Air G2.4 AT&T Icons

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